Schemix roadmap

Release Comments/changes
0.1.0 = "2.4.20"
(27th April, 2003)
First release of Schemix.
(23rd June, 2003)
Schemix has a concept of kernel name-spaces (symbols of the form module-name::symbol-name), and it builds as a module, or as part of the kernel, on Linux versions 2.4.x and 2.5.x. It can optionally use kallsyms and/or devfs. It understands all primitive C types, and also supports multidimensional arrays of C types in a way that is compatable with SRFI 25. For each independent Scheme interpreter, you can enable and disable debug messages at run-time. There is a 'help' function for getting help on built-in procedures.
(22nd July, 2003)
This is mostly a bugfix release. Parts of Schemix can now be written in Scheme, which has enabled Schemix to become very nearly R4RS.
0.3.0 Schemix understands all of the kernel structures, and can define new types of structure, and can emit C code to define the new structures so that new modules written in C can use them.
0.4.0 Schemix can make calls to all kernel functions.
0.5.0 Schemix can re-implement one of the hardware drivers.
0.6.0 Schemix can re-implement most things in /proc.
0.7.0 Schemix can insert hooks into kernel functions.
0.8.0 Support is added for floating-point, rational and complex numbers and bignums.
0.9.0 Schemix is R5RS compliant.
1.0.0 Lots of testing - first stable release.
1.1.0 The "define" special form tries to avoid boxing and unboxing kernel values whenever it can, e.g. when there are expressions of the form (set! kernel::a (+ kernel::b kernel::c)).
1.2.0 The "define" special form compiles some Scheme code to native machine code for faster execution.